SNOW TIGER From Hookie Co.

Triumph T100R Tracker by Hookie Co.

Donor Bike: 
Triumph T100R 1969

– Frame unknown and modified (Rake and bottom frame), new engine mounts
– Wassell Carb with K&N Air Filter Pods
– 3D printed adapter to run bigger pods
– Engine complete overhauled and race optimized
– primary oil system runs now with the main oil system
– higher compression
– polished intakes
– electronic ignition
– runs only on battery (no lima) – 4ah / 60min fun
– dual coil
– BSA Front fork (overhauled and shortened)
– Front/Rear Wheel comes from BMW “Snowflake” 
– Adapter made out of Aluminum 6061
– 19/19″ Duro HF308 Tires
– Rear Brake Setup / Honda CB Rotor with Brembo Caliber
– Master Cylinder BMW
– Mounted on the right side
– Brake and Gear on one side
– Aluminum Oil tank
– Aluminum Fuel tank with Fiberglass Cover from Survivorcustoms
– Aluminum rear fender
– Triumph Bar
– Venhill Throttle (with Cable splitter)
– Renthal Super Tacky Grips
– Kill switch
– Bates Seat and pillow

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