There are works that leave you breathless and the customization of this BMW R100RT Boxer Classic from year 81 is undoubtedly one of them. It has been many hours of work for the # BOLT36 to appear as you can see in the photos.

Let's start from the beginning. The owner of this wonder was very clear about what he was looking for. And, while we like him most of the time, this time he left the guys at Bolt Motor Co. a little shocked, because it wasn't an easy challenge. The initial idea was to transform this BMW into a racing bike, which emanated the word speed on all sides and which had a very refined aesthetic and very little seen in the sector. Furthermore, anyone who loves customization knows that converting a classic boxer base bike into a racing style one is not easy at all.

So they faced a double challenge: this BMW R100RT had to look like a racing bike and most importantly, it had to sound, run and behave like a racing bike. For this they had to touch practically all the parts and pieces of the base bike (preparation of the engine, improvement of the chassis, get the most out of the suspension and a long etc.).

When they started working on the project, they decided to change the way they work. Normally they start from the outside, everything that is considered aesthetic, and then continue with the wiring, the motor and the more mechanical part. This time they did the opposite. What they didn't know is that COVID-19 and imprisonment would enter our lives and force them to change our work processes.

They disassembled the engine and rebuilt it with the latest generation parts (new cylinder kits to increase the displacement to 1074cc, high compression forged pistons, shorter connecting rods, modified twin spark cylinder heads, crossed camshafts, MIKUNI carburetors, flywheel, changeable electronic ignition, extra oil cooler with additional sump to achieve greater flow, among others).

We would like to make a special mention of the exhaust pipes; exceptional work with silencers from another planet. These are Spark racing mufflers made of titanium. It's amazing how this bike sounds. More than one visitor to their workshop was scared to death when they started this BMW R100RT.

Another noteworthy thing is the clutch with hydraulic pump; something very little used in this type of motorcycle due to the complexity of its assembly, but with unparalleled performance.

As for the front of the bike, they mounted Ducati Panigale 1299 Ohlins forks with seat posts made in CNC by our designers. The calipers are Brembo with radial anchoring which together with the 330 mm discs are also Ducati Panigale 1299.

As for the handlebars, semi-racing handlebars have been adopted, with its two pumps, brake and clutch). Another of the strengths of this BMW R100RT is the instrumentation. Following the style of endurance bikes, we mounted a Ducati analog RPM with temperature with two dials. This did not stop him from continuing to use the latest technologies, opting for Motogadget's Mini-pro series.

To put the icing on the cake and protect all this, they opted for the installation of a windshield like those of racing bikes of the 70s. It is a fiber screen and mounted on a headlight with a marked Racing style.

From the front we can only talk about the deposit. This is the original tank, but new taps and a handmade BMW threaded cap in black have been installed.


When we get in line is when you realize that at Bolt Motor Company, specialists in cafe racers, we don't walk with girls. The rear assembly of a BMW R1200R and a central Hagon shock absorber are mounted here. Yes, you read that right. A central shock absorber. For this it was necessary to design a special structure to accommodate and anchor it.

As for the tail, it was entirely designed by our team and 3D printed and subsequently reinforced with carbon fiber to resist the heat of the exhaust well, with the integrated stop light. The seat is made of a special leather used in racing cars from the 1980s. Once again, our friends from Tapicerías Llop have outdone themselves. The tires are Continental and the calipers and tubes have been improved.


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