Indian 1200 FTR "20.2"

After long months of work, here is the last preparation to come out of the workshop by Surleschapeauxderoues
Substantial work has been done on this bike, even if at first glance it does not appear.

The rear of the frame was completely modified, which involved manufacturing a new aluminum fuel tank. Because the original element is placed under the saddle. The new tank runs the entire length of the bike, the removal of the air box freed up space to increase the tank capacity (+ 5l compared to the original ...).

A new saddle with its leather upholstery and a hand-formed aluminum rear shell have been created to dress this new rear frame.

Parts like the oil cooler and battery have been relocated to showcase the machine's beautiful engine. The oil cooler located behind the water cooler and the new lithium battery under the swingarm in a dedicated container.

The exhaust line was entirely created with the installation of an SC Project silencer, the original headlight lens found its place in a "house" casing. The signage elements have been replaced by Kellerman elements.

The work directive on this bike being to purify as much as possible while keeping the functionality, all the plastic parts and covers have therefore been removed or remanufactured with more noble materials.

A new tank cover has been hand formed in aluminum, this incorporates the speedometer as well as the “pop-up” tank cap, this element has been painted in gray and the rest the bodywork in metallic black in a spirit rather sober but elegant.


In dynamics, this bike keeps its VERY playful character and really fun to drive, especially on this version without steering assistance. No keep in all hands…

Photo: Charles Séguy


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