Kit Unit Garage Dual-Scrambler

The Scrambler 1200 xc and xe are beautiful bikes with a very personal look. Unit Garage wanted to create a kit to unlock its touring potential, to be able to go on an adventure with these bikes, but do it in style!

With this kit you can transform the entire front making it much more complete and protective, suitable for long journeys.

After about 2 hours from the installation of the Dual Scrambler Kit you will have very easily revolutionized the look of your bike, without changing any of the original parts. You will not have to replace the headlight or the arrows. You will have an adjustable windshield, GPS mount and a front fairing. The kit follows the stylistic cues of the bike both in shape and colors. Available in two colors Jet Black and Brooklands Green to match existing OEM colors, create your own version in the configurator.

The Dual Scrambler Kit is supplied painted, with everything needed for assembly including screws and instructions.

The Kit is Plug and Play, it is not necessary to modify or tamper with the original components. At any time you can restore your bike to its original configuration. The bike completely changes character and becomes very versatile and suitable for any adventure. The bike can be equipped with our aluminum cases with dedicated stainless steel frames, or with the infinite options of soft luggage that we have in the catalog. Obviously, in addition to the standard Dual Scrambler Kit, you will have the possibility to combine your Triumph with other accessories from our SPECIAL PARTS section.
Available in two colors Jet Black and Brooklands Green to match existing OEM colors.


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