Kameleo S | Ducati 600

The passion for two wheels often arises when one is a child, in fact Kameleo, from Poland, has a fairly predictable career path.

So he talks about himself and his bike "For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by motorcycles. I used to read newspapers on this topic as a child, even if there weren't too many then. I compensated for limited access to the press. on two wheels spending every free moment drawing motorcycles, which also ignited my interest in drawing and design. I was starting my adventure at a time when the motorcycle market in Poland was not even half as developed as it is today . But my passion was strong enough to overcome all the difficulties. The combination of the love for two wheels together with the artistic education I received was my greatest source of pride; it allowed me to build an original motorcycle. , the Kameleo S are the realization of my vision of a customized Italian Ducati, more specifically a Ducati Monster 600 model

A lightweight motorcycle with an openwork design and a sport silhouette, which is emphasized by the front fairing and a more leaning forward profile.

The precisely fitted frame was built from the ground up.

The fairing with a distinct front fits perfectly with its rear part in the frame.

The seat has sharper edges and a pattern than the original one.

There is a spoiler, designed and made of aluminum, under the radiator wich has been moved downwards.

Custom-made exhausts went higher than in the ONE version.

The dominant element of the cockpit is the tachometer, apart from the mechanism – designed and made from scratch, the speedometer comes from Motogadget.

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