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There are competitions that fascinate more than others, for their charm and their danger.
Pikes Peak, along with the other Road Racers, is one of those that receives the most acclaim and admirers.
Among these there is also Gwenael Bartélémy who dreams of being able to run through the curves that lead to the clouds with his Aprilia.

In fact, for his project he used an Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 factory, an excellent super sports car, so as to have won the race this year.

He tried to build a bike that could compete at peak levels (and realistically speaking with a track bike with flat handle bars and high performance capabilities) but still road legal

Gwenael is only at work but with professionals who help him carry out his projects, he is not a professional and
not trying to sell anything

We talked a little with him to tell us about the changes and the work done

What did you do to the bike?
the most interesting part is the gas tank, so the fronts and back-ends are my idea was to build a versatile bike with 3 different back-ends and front-ends
If you updated parts, which brand did you choose and from where?
the gas tank was made from scratch except the bottom (tambourine holding gas tank), then I did a lot of work to adapt some parts to the flat track bought in the United States (technology aerodynamics)
Any interesting, unsafe or error challenges?
except for the versatility target and the plug-and-play to change the fronts or back-ends, the challenge was to make it fun to drive and it's really like that!
Tell us about the finish / logos / design?
vintage inspired flat track
Any unique features?
gas tank, fairings, seats, license plate ...

How would you describe your bike?
peak type of peaks ... or maybe pursuer
How's the bike going?
he is very sporty, competent, he sounds wonderful, he is committed to tracing but he has everything to guide legal on public roads
What will you do next? New projects?
my next 2 projects will be based on Aprilia Dorsoduro and rsv4 1100 factory ...

Le Weekend de Course

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