RSD X BMW Devil Dog


“Teufelhunden” or in english, “Devil Dog” was the nickname the Germans had for the American fighters as they fought like dogs of the devil. It was meant to invoke fear in the heart of the nazis and gave the allied forces a blact of Confidence. A throwback to the old world, this German engineered BMW shows a combination of speed, race positioning and a mixture of raw, exposed materials that combines into a beautiful display of the design of the bike.

Associated with the radial engines of the two world wars, the RSD Teufelhunden’s R-Nine T Flat Twin engine gives a unique feel and elegance to the bike.  The riding position is probably the most obvious change to the look and feel of the bike.  Sitting in the race position on this bike amplifies the engine torque feel of the Flat Twin engine and makes the step back in time more realistic.  

The race feel of the Teufelhunden is only a component to the overall look of the bike with its front race fairing and its cowled tail section.  To tie everything together, it uses a natural, exposed gas tank contrasted with some black stripes indicative of that era which blend in well with the large amount of exposed carbon fiber for intakes, fenders and fairings.  To highlight the bike the wheels, RSD rear sets, rear control arm and the Ohlins Suspension is gold to highlight some of the beautiful design and performance parts on the bike.

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