Honda CBR929 Fireblade 'Metallo'

Honda 929 ‘Metallo’ is inspired by the 1980’s and early 90’s endurance racers. It was conceived as an antithesis to the current sport bike design trend of faceted surfaces and complicated lines, leading to contrived and confusing styling found on many modern motorcycles. The main aim of this build was to regain some of the simplicity and integrity of the forms of earlier sports bikes, whilst utilising the technical sophistication of more recent machines.

The half faired exposed engine design was employed to emphasis the sleek efficiency of modern sports machines creating a contrast with the exposed mechanical components of the engine, displaying the harmonious union of their function and distribution.

The mono chromatic colour scheme was chosen to enhance the simplicity and muscularity of its lines and arrange

Build Specifications:

Daytona 1200 front fairing

Modified Triumph Daytona 1200 fairing stay

‘Slip Screens’ fairing screen

Fabricated aluminium instrument holder

Koto Headlight

Fabricated aluminium side fairings

Fabricated aluminium ‘stubby’ exhaust muffler

Modified Honda Fireblade CBR 929 rear subframe

Fabricated aluminium under tray incorporating battery holder, ECU , wiring loom and Regulator/Rectifier.

Fabricated steel rear tail/seat unit

Race foam seat

Fabricated aluminium number plate mount

Two tone - exposed steel and painted petrol tank

Front fork integrated turn signals

LED rear light and integrated turn signals

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