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The Royal Enfields are the closest to the British spirit of the cafe's gold age, and it does not matter that for decades it has been built in India under Royal Enfield's license.
Its appearance and its engine have remained almost unchanged over the years, but if on the one hand it is an advantage on the other the aesthetic flaws a little or maybe it is better to say that little has a cafe racer.
And on this account, Jay Patel of Jdcustomco.com worked on this Royal Enfield Bullet 1957 that developed a specific kit, like the one shown in these photos.

In a short interview he talks about him and his project

I come from Jakarta and I am aI am an independent custom motorcycle builder, who always try to bring good aesthetics and craftsmanship in each build or parts.
What inspired you to start building the bike?
Well it's a long story or I can say my own evolving life. To develop a direct to fit Classic retro café racer kit without compromising aesthetics and craftsmanship

Well it's not a custom build or slightly modified bike but it's a café racer kit specially developed for Royal Enfield old bullets and soon to get launch for new models as well.
Yes you heard it right, if anyone own kind of bullet, they can order direct to fit kit and get this transformation done on their own! No need of cutting or welding anything, everything fits on stock mounts.

What was your vision/plan?
To develop a direct to fit Classic retro café racer kit without compromising aesthetics and craftsmanship. This development started when Andreas Glaser, German car restorer and businessman approached me to develop kind of stuff which should based on Enfield's platform. As he was very impressed by the work I have done on enfield's & brand itself is a huge trend now a days. After many discussions we decided to develop the bolt on kit for old models first to bring back the classics era, which can represent RE's roots and history of evolutionary café racer trend back in those old days.
Our intention was very clear, to provide one of the best craftsmanship & quality without compromising any of the stance, design & essence of the café racer as well as Enfield it self. Which was very challenging job as you can't create your own fitments but have to design and build parts which are easy to fit on stock frame and mounts without losing aesthetics of design as well as bike.
We are launching the kit firstly in the European market & later in all other countries but anyone can request an order by contacting us.

Following are the parts which will come with the kit.
1. Tank
2. Seat cowl
3. Seat cowl Holder Bracket
4. Leather seat
5. Taillight bracket
6. Taillight
7. Monza Fuel cap
8. Amp. Meter
9. Wiring loom with all the require electrical component
10. Ignition switch & key
11. Front fairing
12. Front fairing Bracket
13. Headlight
14. Side panels with racing number written on it
15. Side panels bracket
16. Rear shock absorbers
17. Rear swing arm
18. Rear wheel assembly
19. Muffler
20. Foot control mechanism
21. Kick
22. Triple clamp
23. Smith's speedo, cable & bracket
24. Handlebar
25. Handlebar switch
26. Compression lever for handlebar
27. Handgrips with leather wrap
28. Handlebar levers
29. Clutch cable
30. Front brake cable
31. Front fork spacers
32. Front fender
33. Accelerate cable
34. Front wheel assembly
35. Extended Chain

Jay assures us that the bike is very Comfortable, stable & safe. It reminds the old school café racer riding. We close the interview with a question about his future projects

Maybe next target is to develop bobber kit.

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