Cafe Racer Cup

The ever active and prolific British of The Bike Shed invented the Cafe Racer Cup.
The Cafe Racer Cup is designed to get more people on-track, on bikes they normally ride on the road, while celebrating the return of the ubiquitous Cafe Racer.

It was the Cafe Racer that started the whole modern-retro motorcycle resurgence, and while the brats, scramblers, bobbers and flat-trackers get all the glory, we still love a fast-looking bike with clip-ons, rear-sets, a single seat and chin-on-the-tank attitude. Add number decals and an electrical-tape X on the headlight, and the game is on.

The format for the ride is just like a Track Day, but aimed at complete novices and those with modest track skills. Unusually for a Track day event, all bikes will be fitted with transponders, so you can see your lap times improve, and we will group riders into sets where people are lapping at similar speeds – regardless of the bike they are riding.

To qualify to ride, the are 90 places, and you must be on a Cafe Racer, and we’ll try to make it clear what that means… No modern sports-bikes please. Your bike should have clip-ons, rear-sets, road tyres and ideally single seat. Half fairings and bikini fairings are permitted, but no full race bikes or track-day bikes will be allowed. We expect most riders to ride their bike to the track, and leave the same way – in one piece. If you bring your bike in a van, we assume you’ve come a long way and are giving people a lift!

On the Lydden Hill Race Circuit circuit, Wootton, Canterbury, Kent, the race will take place on Saturday, July 21st, with the crowded publicity grid, in fact the 90 available seats went almost immediately all sold out.

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