TRACTO XS 650. Big toy for adult simple, fat and playful

Also Rémy Pagart from MUTO-Motorbikes has collected our invitation to present its special, and shows us this Yamaha XS 650 that at the sight promises fun, compact fat looks like one of those toys for children.
He comes from Lille and created his workshop about 1 year ago. I am a little designer, artist ... and after sculptures, furnitures... I decided to work on motorcycles.

What's the donor bike, make, model, year?
Yamaha 650 XS special 1979
What was your vision/plan?
I want to build big toys for adults: simple, fat and playful.
What did you do to the bike?
What a mouth this engine and especially what power.
Finally more power really and that's why I have reconditioned input; reboring, pistons and segmentation new and big strength in the appointment.

While waiting for the engine parts, I had to think about the general look of the beast and according to the spirit MUTO, it was not going to look like a moped.
I began to slightly rework the frame by shortening it a bit and removing some scraps of frame incongruous but especially I looked for the parts that would give it his character.
A "FAT TRACKER"; this is the face I wanted to give him. So first, choose and large wheels, a thick forech with wide tees and the rest will flow.

For the wheels, my choice had already been made for a long time: full wheels; these wheels that I had seen for a long time on some motorcycles like the side-cars of speedway, on the Fat Boy of Harley or on the sublime MadDax of the great and incomparable artist-motor-designer Ed Turner I named Karl Renoult.
So it was polished aluminum wheels of the Fat Boy.

For the fork, I found one of a Sporter that I had to adapt to the frame of the XS by changing the axis and the rollings and on which I grafted wide Tees (yeah, view the width of the wheels …) and short gussets.
Braking: a caliper and an original Harley disc; it will be fine. (or not:-)

The wheels were nibbled at the hubs to get into the arm and fork and align with the discs and the chain.
Rear brake: Harley caliper re-machined to fit the original arm.

Tires … Hard to find nice tires in 16 inches for this kind of bike and finally I chose a road tire with a slightly futuristic modern design: the Continental Conti Tour. Not too bad…

LOOK! The following.

Of course; after the engine, it is the tank that will forge the identity of the beast and once again, I used one of the Yamaha RD 50 1978 but this time with his other decor.
As the stickers were hard to find and ultimately not very good quality, I opted for painting to redo it as originally and that is Full Metal (not used to this kind of exercise) who did it well.

A small custom-made leather saddle, side covers and a massive aluminum home mudguard and re-worked menu pots finished drawing the bike line.

Elec side, I opted (of course) for a M-unit by Motogadget; result, saving space, weight and speed of installation.
For the lighting part, I reworked a flagship tracker plate that I inserted between the fork tubes on which we will also find LED flashers super discreet but very powerful.
At the back, a LED light on the loop and two mini-flashing from Motogadget too.

Side shock absorbers, very good; from Shock Factory (France).

What more to say except that on the handlebar tracker we find a master cylinder and lever Brembo and push buttons Motogadget.

At the end, a good (but not so fat) Muto Fat Tracker version that looks like a beautiful toy and that provides all the pleasures …
If you've upgraded parts, what make did you choose and where from?
Mostly Motogadget for electric parts.
The rest is parts from another bikes like Harley. (fork, wheels…)
Any interesting challenges, unconfident, or mistakes?
not really
Tell us about the finish/logos/design?
I used old tank from Yamaha RD 50 with original décoration.
Any unique features?
Yes: the complete bike :-)

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