1964 BMW R-Series

This matching number Granada Red café racer emerged from the Munich BMW motorcycle assembly line in 1964 as an R50/2. An offhand comment to a friend from Germany that we’d like to rebuild the machine as an R60/2 led to the hand delivery of a NOS R60/2 crank, pistons, cylinders, pushrods and pushrod tubes. The engine was assembled in our shop at Barrington Motor Works using these parts, as well as new seals and FAG bearings, two window tappets, blueprinted LK heads and Mikuni RS28 carburetors on custom made manifolds with vacuum fittings for carburetor synchronization. K & N oiled air filters are fitted.

A lightweight aluminum Bowman flywheel and new clutch are installed permitting more rapid engine acceleration and deceleration, both of which improve and quicken shifting.

A reproduction coil and Pentacomm plate and were used. Quality HT leads with zero resistance sparkplug caps fire the NGK B8HS sparkplugs. Crossover-less headers and reproduction Hoske sport mufflers are in place. 

The forks are rebuilt 35mm Italian Ceriani road racer units with a shop fabricated fork brace and reproduction Norton Manx aluminum front fender. Magura clip-ons handlebars are used. An aftermarket quarter turn throttle twist grip and Magura levers provide hand control. BMW hand control switch gear is fitted. A minimalist mirror is present and the sole instrumentation is a one off electronic 0-8000 rpm tachometer. Rear (only) signals are fitted.

The vented 27/8 final drive was chosen for its low gear ratio (3.375:1) and was rebuilt with new FAG and INA bearings. The front brake is a lightened Suzuki “Water Buffalo” 4LS unit with Ferodo race linings. The rear brakes use similar Ferodo race linings. The wheel rims were built up with shouldered Akront rims, Buchanan stainless steel spokes, a stock /2 rear hub and the above noted Suzuki front hub. The front tire is a 90/90 x 18 Metzeler 33 Lasertec while the rear tire is a Metzeler 120/90 x 18 ME55A Metronic.

After removing the air box from the top of the transmission and reinforcing the top of the transmission with welded on aluminum gussets, the transmission was completely rebuilt with new seals and FAG bearings. The rear set foot controls are a combination of Barleycorn Ducati-like folding foot rests and shop built linkage. Both OEM sidestand and centerstand are fitted.

A halogen headlight is used with an R65 headlight shell. The fuel tank is a one-off Mike Elliott aluminum alloy tank made in the style of earlier Lugauer fuel tanks. The seat is a shortened and narrowed reproduction Norton Manx seat. The front half of the rear fender is a modified /2 rear fender while the rear half of the rear fender is part of a stainless steel fender found in the New Hampshire woods one day while mountain biking. The taillight is a reproduction Lucas unit. Most exterior fasteners and both axles are stainless steel.

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