The Son of Time saga continues with Spanish flair. TW Steel and Macco Motors combined their powers to create the ‘Desperado’ timepiece and motorcycle; a unique twist on timeless aesthetics and modern sense.
Celebrating the drive to break away and cut loose, this fresh collaboration pays tributes to free-spirits and mavericks. Don’t be measured and sensible, follow your heart and make a statement.
Sharing a free-spirited outlook, Macco Motors’ vintage, smooth style collides with TW Steel’s take-no-prisoners attitude. Roar with style!

True craftsmanship, the creation of beautiful things by hand is an art seen less and less today. Macco Motors and TW Steel teamed up to design two masterpieces to pay tribute to this art. Next to that, the ‘Desperado’ designs are inspired by the Son of Time principle and celebrate free spirits.
Aligned from the outset, the creative masterminds of both brands worked hard to create their own modern take on vintage flair. As a result, the Desperado custom bike and matching watch designs are stylish blends of retro aesthetics and raw power.

Stripping back their Yamaha XSR900 to its component parts, Macco Motors started changing the balance and stance of the bike. From customizing the steel sub frame and tail section to the eye-popping carbon fibre fuel tank, the custom bike artisans used their trademark craftsmanship to give the Desperado a powerful yet classic vibe.

The ‘Desperado’ brings Spanish flair and a fresh, bold attitude. The unique custom bike and the special edition watch twist timeless aesthetics together with modern engineering. As the name suggests, they invite you to follow your own path and make a statement.
Macco Motors stayed true to their philosophy and created a showstopper made for the open road instead of a museum. From the bespoke and handmade work such as the carbon fiber tank and the steel tail section to the more aggressive stance, this XSR900 is brutal and classy at the same time.

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