Also sprach Zarathustra

"Also sprach Zarathustra" is the name of this motorcycle, as the richest and most complex work the philosopher Nietzsche has ever written.
And just as the book is titled "A Book for Everyone and for Anyone", just because it forces the thought to speak immediately, out of all technicalism, in a poetic and prophetic form: everyone can read it, but who can fully understand it meaning ? Who can watch this bike and understand it?

The sinuous shapes of this bike immediately remind of the past and, in particular, the Art Deco style.
In fact, Patricio Castello has been inspired by the design of the Italian Futures of the 30s and American Art deco of the 40s and 50s.

He lives north of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he builds cars and motorbikes in his workshop, working mainly with aluminum plates.

Searching for new customizers or simple enthusiasts who can create something new is getting harder, but when you are lucky enough to find these beauties, you feel happy with the long web exploration work.
Patricio can be cataloged quietly among the artists, his work goes far beyond the simple construction of motorcycles.

The study of forms and the ability to shape the metal make it one of those characters that are hardly found in this world, made of eternal copies of things already seen.
Certainly it will not be functional or performing, as we often claim from our mechanical means, but this is art on the move, art on two wheels.

Since the project was aimed at art, the mechanical part did not need a big engine, which comes from a small Enduro, a Keller 200, similar to the Honda XL 200 but of Chinese origin.

The frame and the fork are of the design and covered by the carrozeria in alumiño, the wheels are 21 inches behind and forward but with Avon Speedmaster forward and Dunlop rear and covered by aluminum discs, the rear brake is drum and the same pedal drives the Front caliper pump.

The photographer seems to have understood the philosophy of this bike in fact the location, as well as colors and lights reflect those design dictates that inspired Partricio in his work..

Aluminum surfaces are joined together with rivets, as they are used in aeronautical constructions, even wanting to leave naked metal to highlight the beauty of material ie in great work needed to enhance that feeling of moving art

Photocredit by Juan Paviolo 

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