Bandisca SR500 "Angel"

We showed their work a few months ago, with the Flat Tracker TR1 but they now return to the these pages with this little cafe racer, latest built by Bandisca Motorcycles the Yamaha SR500 "Angel" that was revealed last month at BSMC 2017.

The donor bike was a 1976 model wich was completely modified, keeping just the central part of the original frame, the new subframe is a minimal monopost one and we transformed it into a monoshock scheme using a Honda XR600 swingarm and a YSS fully setable shock, at the front we used a Suzuki GSXR750 USD fork completely rebuilt.

At the mechanical level the engine received a Wiseco kit and suplemetary oil cooling lines and oil cooler, a new 36 Mikuni flat slide carb and a performance clutch.
The shape and esthetical was done by our designer MIhaela, including the seat that was upholstered with a piece of leather send from Texas by our friend Rob Howe (Motostuka) the same leather he use for his famous Shanks gloves, also the front fairing was provided by our greek friends of C-Racer.

The electricals are also new and reduced to minimum and the dash is combined asymmetrically a MMB speedo and tacho.

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  1. piace molto quel tipo di moto, l'unica cosa che mi piace più di questi, sono il classico! essi hanno un posto riservato nel mio cuore


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