Yamaha SR 400 by BratStyle It is cool in the city, MX style that adults can seriously enjoy even with darts.

All parts such as tank, front and rear fenders, seat, muffler, handle etc. can be mounted with bolt on and can be manufactured in a short time.The muffler mounts the classic Megaphone muffler of BRAT which repeated the test so that bass and power come out.

Since it will be ordered in complete, we set the fee to cheap, and we also offer discounts according to the content. Please aim for your own original style with additional options, custom paint, lettering of one-point strokes with pin striper etc.

By changing the vehicle height before and after UP and the change from 18 'to 21' of the front wheel, it becomes more off-road style, making it possible to perform stylish and full-fledged dirt driving. Seat rail loop processing and coloring are very important points like looks. 
Even in terms of performance, engine tuning and cab change are recommended if further power is raised than normal. I run so lightly that it does not compare.

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  1. le mec a réinventé le 400xt ... jolie mais pas de quoi péter un feu d'artifice quand même


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