Italian Volt presents Lacama, the first custom electric motorcycle that offers high-end design with great  performance  and  exclusive features for the luxury segment.

Milan, March 17th 2017 – Forget the grating engine noise, the oil spots and the smell of gasoline. The future motorcycle is quiet and eco-friendly and still offers high performance. In a word: it’s electric. The revolution is being led by Italian Volt, the innovative Italian start-up that has created Lacama, the prototype electric custom motorcycle. 

Italian Volt’s mission is to take the electric motorcycle market to the next level, providing bikers with a custom made “e-motorcycle” that offers unparalleled technology, design and driving experience. 
Lacama was officially launched in Milan on March 16th during the “Unveiling” event at Spazio Gessi.

The inspiration
On June 10th, 2013 IT-sector businessman Nicola Colombo, together with bike industry brand manager Valerio Fumagalli, started their electric bike trip from Shanghai to Milan. Forty-four days, 7,691 miles and 12 countries later, they reached their destination, setting a Guinness World Record for the longest trip by electric motorbike. And one year later, Nicola and Valerio founded Italian Volt with their friend Adriano Stellino and began to design the prototype of a new electric motorcycle.

The motorcycle
The Lacama is a Roadster  that boasts inspired design  and  unique technology solutions. Its performance is similar to the best gas-powered bikes, going from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. The battery can be charged in 40 minutes and has 180-kilometre autonomy. A team of engineers and designers lead by Enrico Pezzi dedicated 6,000 hours to building the first Lacama.

Italian Volt  is  completely tailor-made: each bike is the unique personal creation of its own rider. The body of the bike is designed and created using a 3D printer; each of the 12 components is available in five different versions and a variety of colours. The customization possibilities are almost unlimited. Italian Volt’s design centre can also create special handcrafted projects for customers.

Technology is in Italian Volt’s DNA: the bike is connected to a mobile application which allows the driver to monitor the charging status, check the  bike’s  location and adjust settings remotely. The biker can also customize the riding experience through different  riding profiles. LACAMA brings also patent pending solution to maximixe the battery life and ranges.

The philosophy
«Driving an electric bike is an unprecedented experience, comparable to the pursuit of happiness: the driving is quiet, easy and enjoyable – says Nicola Colombo, one of Italian Volt’s founders. - We strongly believe in the potential of the electric bike market, but we are aware that the conversion will take a long time and a lot of work. That’s why we aim for high quality, refined design and innovative features. Lacama is an object of desire, a status symbol dedicated to people who love challenges and innovation».

Italian Volt  is  an  Italian  Limited  Company established in 2016 which launched Lacama, the first custom electric motorcycle. It was founded by three friends who strongly believe in  the great potential of the rapidly-expanding electric bike market. Nicola Colombo is an entrepreneur who became a Guinness World Record-holder in 2013 by riding from Shanghai to Milan by electric motorcycle with his friend and partner Valerio Fumagalli, who gained his expertise in the motorsport field as a brand manager  for international teams and riders. Adriano Stellino graduated from IAAD in Turin and became a designer  for  first-class automotive firms including Lamborghini and Bertone. Now based in Shanghai, he is the creative mind behind Italian Volt.

Lacama will be produced in a limited edition and available by reservation only (pre-ordering begins September 2017 on www.italianvolt.com - approximate price € 35,000).

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