Range of Suzuki Bags

Suzuki bags add functionality, aesthetics, and a modern zing to a biker gear. The range from Suzuki is quite extensive, segregated into:
Boulevard Saddlebags (C50, C90, M109, M50, M95, S40, S50, S83)
Marauder intruder saddlebags (GZ250 and 800 saddlebags)

While all these models find favor with the rangers from different age brackets, the following are particularly popular:
Boulevard C90 Viking Cruise Saddlebags: They are large, spacious, and are made of 100% per cent weather resistant fabric (super heavy duty Cardura). They need easy mountable technique. The lids have storage pockets, which you can use for your mobiles, chargers, and other items. This style and designing of this collection offers protection against sagging. The piping on these bags are set in reflective material that illuminates in the dark and helps in locating.

Boulevard C109 and Boulevard C90 Saddlebags: They are made from Viking leather, which lasts longer than the other materials. The designs range from studded to plain styles. Apart from the regular mesh pocket options, bags with sturdy rubber pockets that reduce collision of items with each other are also available.
Boulevard M90 Prima: This series, set in Viking Leather, is weatherproof and waterproof. It has a hard shell construction with fiberglass protection from shocks in the back. Complimentary brackets come along with it and the efficient key locking system enhances the protection of the contents.
M95 charger Side Pocket: This is the best description of functionality with minimalistic looks! It has additional side pockets and spacious interior for storage. Made from Viking leather, this collection comes with a free mounting hardware worth more than $100.
Boulevard S83 Charger Slanted Saddlebags: They are made from heavy duty Carduar, offering 100% resistance to weather condition. Products in this category are designed in a slanted fashion that gives it a novel look.
M109 Motorcycle Saddlebags: They have all the features that the other bags by Suzuki have, but additionally, it comes with a rather sturdy lid, making it very safe to store items.
Boulevard S50 Saddlebags: They come in elaborate design variants – Viking, Charger, Concord, Char, Cutout, and Medium.

Still thinking why to buy Suzuki saddlebags? Here’s why:
They are extremely durable.
If you are looking for reliable companions who stand by you in all weather conditions, look no further.
They come with state-of-the art locking system.
They do not sag or deform.
To give you more confidence in your purchase, Suzuki is offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

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