The Sound of Single | IMATRA by XTR


IMATRA by XTR (2021) A1990 Honda XBR 500 made for race with the spirit of the Sound of Single

The Honda XBR 500 is a Japanese 500cc sports motorcycle launched by Honda in 1985 in response to the Yamaha SR500.

I knew that Pepo was working on an XBR 500, because we had been looking for spare parts for his bike, a very rare model that has not been imported in all countries.

Also this motorcycle motorbike has been transformed into a racer with a vintage class spirit, as is the style of Pepo, who is always attracted to racing.
It is powered by a single-cylinder four-valve engine with the valves arranged radially (the Four-Valve Radial Combustion Chamber, or RFVC). With a displacement of 498 cc (30.4 cu in) and an output of 44 hp, the engine, which originated from the off-road models of the Honda XR series, is equipped with a dry sump, the oil is stored in a tank separated under the saddle. The steel braided hoses connecting the oil tank to the engine (clearly visible on the right side of the bike) have become a strong visual element.

The two exhaust valves allowed the motorcycle to be equipped with two separate exhaust systems. The motorcycle had both an electric start and a kick start. [1] On previous models, the kick start was connected via a cable to an exhaust valve decompressor to reduce cylinder compression during manual engine starting. The fuel efficient engine combined with the large fuel tank capacity (20 liters / 5.28 galls) gave the bike a long range (typically well over 200 miles) between refueling. 

The XBR500s were equipped with Comstar wheels and tubeless tires. A removable passenger seat cover has been provided to simulate a cafe-racer look. The latest version, the XBR500SJ, was equipped with conventional spoked wheels and tubular tires. Honda later released a café racer version of the XBR500, the Honda GB500 TT, which featured some "classic British qualities", such as a single seat, hump, spoked wheels, two-in-one exhaust system and a pinstriped fuel tank

Donor Bike : Honda XBR 500 1990

Modified frame

Hagon rear schocks

XTR Front bracket

Aprilia RS 125 upsidedown fork

Tomaselli clip ons

Derbi hub

Excel rims

NG front brake rotor

Frentubo brake line

Brembo radial brake caliper

Brembo front brake pump

Koso rev counter

XTR carbon fiber front mudguard

XTR regulable cnc machined footrest

Mash Five hundred rear hub and drum brake

XTR fairing (xtr design)

Yamaha TZ 250 modified fuel tank

Yamaha TZ 125 modified rear cowl

XTR upholstery


Overboring to 600 cc with Wiseco high comp piston

Honda XL 600 crankshaft

Honda XBR 500 gearbox

Eliminated magneto (runs with loosing LIPO battery)

Magnesium Honda XR 600 left crank cover

Kickstart , eliminated electric starter and gears

Reprofilated XBR camshaft to HRC sound of Single specifications.

Ported heads

FCR 39 carburator with hand made intake

Oil cooler

PINTUMOTO painting

PH by @conotroenfoque_com


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