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We have always said that modifying a motorcycle is not always necessary, but that if you do it you have to improve the starting point.
Matias Corea, a designer, photographer, adventure motorcycle traveler, after a 20,000 mile journey through North, Central and South America, understood these German Boxers and figured out how to improve them to overcome those limits he had.

Long journeys require a lot more overtaking that one might want to admit. Increasing the power and torque allows for more comfortable overtaking on a loaded bike and less engine load at high speeds on endless straight roads.

The cylinders were bored out to fit 95mm high compression pistons bringing the displacement to 1001cc and 10:6 compression from the stock 9.2:1. The camshaft was upgraded with a 328º racing asymmetrical one. The engine produces 72hp at the rear wheel.

To increase the overall engine flow the heads were ported and the airbox replaced by an open rally air filter along with a Siebenrock GS2 exhaust with a custom bracket.

The crankshaft, conrods, pistons, and flywheel assembly were all dynamically balanced together, making the engine feel smooth and very responsive throughout the powerband.

The bigger displacement and better flow require larger carbs. In our experience on the road, Bings have been very consistent, fuel-efficient, and fuss-free. The carbs were not touched once in 168 days on the road to Ushuaia. For a touring machine, this balance between performance and efficiency is perfect.

The stock 1980’s front end has obvious limitations when it comes to off-roading on a loaded bike. It’s solid on paved roads but in off-road situations, its responsiveness and travel can be improved.
The bike comes with a set of WP open chamber forks with 250mm of travel which can go up to 275 and 300mm for more aggressive (and taller) off-road riders.

The front wheel is a 21” Takasago Excel rim, on a Talon aluminum hub and heavy-duty stainless spokes. To improve the brake feel and increase stopping power we fit a 320mm rotor with a 4 piston Brembo caliper.

In any long tours, the luggage setup is crucial.

We chose the same system I carried for South America. We stuck with Hepco Becker because not only is it one of the most solid rack systems but also has a wide range of choices for all types of luggage setups. We went with the 30 and 40 liters Alu-case Xplorer.

In my experience, these are robust, easy to install, and remove from the bike and sit higher than some more vertical designs. A set of these cases and the built-in luggage rack for a duffle bag is all I would ever need for Overlanding. 

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