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The strong point of the supermono is its lightness, combined with the promptness of the engine, making it a fun and effective vehicle

Suzuki DR600 1987 (Djebel): - Complete + Silent Line and Chicane in stainless steel - Rear loop entirely made from the original cradle - Shock absorber support - Aluminum rear hull - Plate support - Support demote command - Platinum Aluminum foot rests - Tringler system of the rear cylinder master - Aluminum engine spacing - Spider Head Fork / Headlight Optical Support - Aluminum dashboard support - Aluminum front brackets adaptation platinum - Quick cap adaptation to GSXE tank + DR original Robinetto - Hide Sprocket in Aluminum - Aluminum electrical component compartment - Stainless steel fork / brake duration support - Front brake can holder in stainless steel - Stainless steel stand - Aluminum front wheel spacer - Comfortable Kawasaki fit Engine: No special preparation (for now?)) - Removing the air box - Air filter in Mousse - Carburation adjustment - Modification of the original kick - Total removal of decompressor elements - Addition of an engine oil temperature probe For the rest of the coins, the coins that characterize it come mainly from Suzuki (Windshield, Forks + Te, Tank). The rest is adaptable or other brands of motorcycles. It weighs, in running order with 10 liters of petrol, 145 kg. The bike also has a ′ ′ Naked ′ ′ configuration with a round headlight in front (not visible in the photos). The frame and wheels have been thermo-lacquered by RTSI Sablage Peinture Métallisation The painting was done by DP Custom (La Murette 38)) The saddlery was made with onion by Joan Sellerie (Grenoble 38). Some pieces come from Krax Moto and AJC Motors.

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