ARCTOS-Collection is a new common brand of Fuhrer Moto, Gannet Design and Fuhrer Auto, based in Emmental, Switzerland.

ARCTOS-Collection aims to offer services to customers worldwide, who seek one-of-a-kind custom bikes and cars and related products made with highest standards of craftsmanship, design, engineering skills, and technology.

The ARCTOS-Collection ‘manufacture’ has everything under one roof: design, development, construction, metal construction and painting, as well as mechanics and tuning!


The 3 parties first came together in 2018 when Gannet Design turned to Fuhrer Moto to build the Moto Guzzi V9 Racer – Rhapsody in Blue.

Gannet worked closely with Fuhrer over months, discussing and working on every detail together. As a result, Gannet’s design concept was translated into a perfect mechanical beauty with precise engineering skills, slick metal handiwork and paintjob by the team of artisans at Fuhrer Moto and Fuhrer Auto. This ‘Guzzi racer’ had a big response in the bike community, and was featured in numerous international media articles including Moto Guzzi’s official website.

In early 2019, they worked on their second big project: The Honda CB1000R-adical.
This project won 1
st prize in the custom bike competition held by Honda Switzerland and was presented at various international events like Wheels&Waves and Glemseck 101 (D). It was an absolute highlight when the CB1000R-adical was piloted for a sprint race by the legendary Isle of Man racing driver Conor Cummins in Glemseck in September 2019. This was, so to speak, the accolade.

Since then, they worked on various projects together and decided to create their own brand ARCTOS-Collection in 2020, where the 3 parties come together to bundle their know-how and special knowledge from each of their areas to bring unique projects to life.

The Emmental region, same as where the famous Emmental cheese comes from, is located in the Swiss Canton Bern, which has a bear as their heraldic animal. The name and logo of the brand also underlines the origin of the ARCTOS-Collection. (Arctos means bear in ancient Greek)

About ARCTOS Collection 

Hidden in the picturesque small valley of the Emmental region lies a jewel of a landscape. Dark misty forests, lush mats, speckled houses, combined with a good pinch of mystic ambience. This dreamy landscape also has a fascinating mixture of traditional craftsmanship workshops, as well as hidden cutting edge high tech firms.

That is the location of the new brand ARCTOS-Collection which pulls the two areas together: handcrafted and high tech.


Right now they are focusing on custom bikes and cars and have already completed various projects. (see samples)

But the tag name Collection in ARCTOS-Collection is chosen specifically to suggest that they will venture out into more fields and products in the near future. 
So stay tuned!


- Moto Guzzi: Moto Guzzi V9  Racer – Displacement: 853 cc Model: V9 – 2016.
Custom conversion of a Moto Guzzi V9 into a pure Cafe Racer.
+ A reduced bike with classic design elements on a modern V9 base, the Moto Guzzi was transformed into a timeless and purist racer.
Although the motorbike is from 2016, we went “back to the roots” and provided it with artificial respiration with the help of two Keihin carburetors. These will give the bike the necessary boost for the sprint races and give the conversion a flair of nostalgia.
Finest ARCTOS artisan work with hand made tail section out of aluminum and partially adapted frame construction gives this conversion a pure racer look.
To top up the racing configuration, the bike is seasoned with the finest herbs from racing components such as CNC Racing footpegs, Jetprime racing buttons and IMA triple clamp, as well as various custom-made elements.
The paint is a rare mixture of “scrubbed”, high gloss shine, and strong blue – Rhapsody in Blue.


- Honda: Honda CB1000R – Cafe Fighter – 998cc model. Custom conversion of a CB1000R into a camouflage bullet – R-adical
+ This motorcycle is the winner of the Honda Switzerland’s custom CB1000R competition, and was presented at the Swiss Moto Show in Zurich.
Our aim was to produce a completely new appearance mainly by changing the proportions and handlebar position, while leaving the basic components untouched to show the extensive possibilities for this model’s customization.
The contemporary camouflage graphics on the tank and the paneling was created by precise painting work and was gradually built up in 7 layers.
Through the special collaboration with 422 Corse, this bike has been fitted with high-performance carbon fiber rims from Rotobox, as well as a carbon fork from CeraCarbon. The altered proportions, along with the modern graphics and ultra high-tech carbon parts, give this Honda R-adical an incomparably aggressive fast forward attitude.


- Ducati: Super lightweight Carbon Fiber Panigale rocket with special design for 422Corse.
+ A Ducati Panigale R that has been transformed into a super lightweight carbon and titanium racing machine by Dario Dauru at 422 Corse, Swiss importer for lightweight carbon components such as CeraCarbon forks, carbon rims from Thyssenkrupp Carbon Components and BST, just to name a few.
This Panigale has even the frame and swing arm made of carbon fiber. The bike is also equipped with an ultra-light CeraCarbon Racing front fork and custom-made sprockets. The brake discs from Sicom made of a carbon-silicon mixture help to keep this beast in check.
The custom-made titanium shock absorber is individually manufactured and is even 200g lighter than the official Ducati Superleggera shock absorber!
The finest racing components from Jetprime were also installed on this bike, e.g. Racing control buttons, injection, etc. 
The special Arctos paintwork is a mixture of matt carbon fiber and silver. 


The colorful history of the team members reflects their state of the art craftsmanship and their special know-how - combined with the expected high quality standard and attention to detail, for which Swiss watchmaking is otherwise known for.

- Ulfert Janssen - Owner of Gannet Design
GANNET works in the areas of car / motorcycle design, product design, as well as brand strategy, branding and corporate identity.

10 years of international design experience for special custom motorcycles with customers in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain, France, USA.

Before founding GANNET, Ulfert was a car designer at Renault in the design studio in Barcelona, and overseas at Renault/Samsung Motors in Korea and Nissan Motor CO., LTD. in Japan.

- Stefan Fuhrer - Managing Director of Fuhrer Moto
Many years of international experience as a racing mechanic in the MotoGP series for Swiss racing pilot Tom Lüthi (CH), , with whom he became world champion in the 125cc class in 2005.
As well as racing drivers Dominique Aegerter (CH), Marcel Schrötter (D), Takaaki Nakagami (JPN), Chaz Davies (GB), Dirk Heidolf (D).

This unique know-how comes into play especially when it comes to the modifications and optimization of production motorcycles and custom bikes.

- Mathias Fuhrer - Management of Fuhrer Auto
Head of the car bodywork department and member of the management team at Fuhrer Auto.
Over 25 years of experience in the craft of custom cars and special paintwork.
Former racing driver in national racing series Citroen Saxo and Renault Clio Cup.

“With our know-how at ARCTOS-Collection, we convert designs into tangible emotions!”

Photos Bikes: Urs Schmid Zumbrunn-Studio

Arctos Collection Web |  Instagram | Facebook 
email: info@arctos-collection.com

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