RCM-052| Z1000 MK II Restomod


This RCM-052 is one that was manufactured about 10 years ago. RCM has undergone thorough restoration work apart from the tuning menu, but after 10 years, the pain in each part begins to stand out. The owner of this machine also took that into consideration, and as soon as he came to the process of remake work.

First, change the exterior coloring and replace the carburetor. And it is a specification change that doubles as a light overhaul on the waist of the engine. The piston has been changed from the one made by Weiseco to the one made by Vosner. The displacement has changed from 1052cc to 1072cc, and the camshaft has also been changed from genuine to WEB stage 1. Although the frame body did not undergo any special changes, the car body was completely disassembled once and a new gun metallic diamond coat was applied.

The above are the notable changes, but at the stage of completely disassembling the car body and reassembling it, the bearings and grommets of each part of the chassis have been replaced, and the details have also been refreshed. The owner has liked this RCM-052 very much since it was made, and this time it took time and cost for the first time in 10 years, but it is said that this process is actually the factor that can be associated with one vehicle for a long time. You can say that.

Chassis (17 inches)
Original frame reinforcement STAGE-II
Lay down processing
Drive chain offset in-line processing
Steering stem SCULPTURE φ43 TYPE-I
Handlebar Z parts
Front fork OHLINS upright for φ43 for XJR1300
Front wheel Marchesini M10S COMPE 3.50-17
Front brake
Berlinger 4POT
(Master) Berlinger radial φ16
Front fender NITRO RACING OHLINS ceiling fender KIT
Swing arm SCULPTURE custom-made stabilizer specifications
Rear shock OHLINS New generation
Rear wheel Marchesini M10S COMPE 6.00-17
Rear brake Berlinger 2POT
(Master) NISSIN φ14
(Torque rod) SMB short torque rod rigid specification
Tires (front) 120 / 70-17
(Rear) 190 / 50-17
Drive chain 530 convert
Chain line 85mm → 108mm 23mm offset
Other SMB Drive Chain Roller Slider KIT
SMB Brake & Clutch Master Reservoir Tank Stay
SCULPTURE φ43 Light Stay KIT
SCULPTURE Endurance Type Racing Stand Hook (Prototype)
Made by Seat Class Four
Clutch release NITRO RACING
Clutch Master Berlinger Radial φ16
Intake / exhaust / cooling / electrical system
EX muffler NITRO RACING hand bent titanium short tail TYPE (blackout)
Silencer NITRO RACING Titanium 320mm (blackout)
Carburetor TMR-MJN φ38
Engine (life package)
Bore / Stroke 71.94mm / 66.0mm
Total displacement 1,072cc
Piston maker Vosner
Crank centering
Minimum face level after cylinder boring Parfos M ​​treatment
Clutch housing rebuild
Mission dock clearance shim adjustment
Crankcase pumping loss processing
Valve guide Oversized valve guide
Valve seat seat ring production replacement seat cut processing
Cylinder Head Minimum Value Research
Camshaft WEB Stage-I High Camshaft
Timing parts SMB F top idler F idler (17) F tensioner idler (17) DID cam chain
Cylinder stud SMB Chromoly cylinder stud & head nut

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