BRAND NEW JACK | Gundam Style

Those who were children in the 80s grew up watching Japanese cartoons with robots on TV, and dreamed of having a personal robot one day.Icon has partially fulfilled this dream.

And to do something like this, more Japanese if not a Katana, a motorcycle that in the 80s has marked the market and design for several years

Using a modern Katana 2020 and inspired by the Robot Gundam was pulled from our pubescent id and slung face-first at the Kat. Most of it stuck, and what didn't was quickly cleaned up with a damp mop. The Katana, both then and now, has always been a starship. Our goal was to up the uber-mechanized facade of the new Katana into full transformer. Let's face it, who doesn't want their literbike to evolve into a flying robot lion at the touch of a button?

twin endurance racing fuel ports, premium Nitron suspension, solid EBC rotors, Avon competition tires, and custom exhaust fitted from various Leo Vince components. Driven racing And Magura supplied the hand controls for a much-improved feel over the stock setup. The wheels, from the hallowed ICON stash of one-offs and never-wheres, are forged Galespeed units smuggled from Japan during the great magnesium embargo of ‘02.

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