In 2015, HARLEY-DAVIDSON JAPAN planned STREET BUILD OFF produced by one.
Since it was requested that I do not mind to make it as I wanted, I challenged himself to my favorite daughter style from the keyword "HARLEY - DAVIDSON" "750 cc" without hesitation.

Chromori pipe selected as material for the first time since pursuit of weight reduction. Frame production from scratch was the biggest challenge, but radiator and fuel pump could be contained within the frame, and it was possible to put it clearly in design as well.

Outsource Mr. crying engine polishing work, painting to the plating frame, everyone who finished a lot of aluminum materials including the swing arm. Mr. MAKOTO of M & K Custom Signs who expressed it as a HARLEY-DAVIDSON bike with no complaints and techniques. Roland who arranged the wheel and the tire which I really wanted to use in this style. In addition, I was able to complete it with assistance from people and externals who gave me adequate advice in each field.

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