RCM GPz 1100 Restomod

Z series of air-cooled 2 valve engine, GPz 1100 with the strongest power unit.
Many RCMs of Z - 1 and MK - II have appeared in the world, but it can be said that it is very rare in this GPz 1100.

Producing RCM with such GPz1100. Of course the chassis is a good 17 "wheel. The entire form does not significantly damage the image in normal, yet it can fully use the benefits of the high spec radial tire ... I was conscious of such a high level sports chassis.

It is also one of the demonstrational existence such as sanctuary making GPz1100 RCM, it becomes exactly like this.

Original frame reinforced 8 places
Cromoly One Off φ 17 Pivot Shaft & Engine Mount Bolt
Swing arm pivot shaft diameter 1 mm up from φ 15 → φ 16
Steering stem SCULPTURE SP stem for Zephyr 1100 TYPE-II processing diversion
Handlebar Daytona separate handle
Front fork OHLINS ExM package
Front wheel OZ racing PIEGA 3.50 - 17 for ZRX 1200
Front brake Brembo racing 4 POT
(Master) Brembo radial φ19 x 18
(Disk) SUNSTAR RCM Concept Premium Disc φ 320
(F support) SMB multi-caliper support
Front fender NITRO RACING OHLINS Ceiling fender KIT TYPE: Racing FRP
Swing arm SCULPTURERCM special 540 mm specification + additional stabilizer + racing stand hook
Rear shock OHLINS
Rear wheel OZ Racing PIEGA 5.50 - 17 For ZRX 1200
Rear brake Brembo racing 2 POT
(Master) NISSIN φ 14
(Disk) SUNSTAR φ 250
(Support) SMB
(Torque rod) SMB short torque rod Rigid specification
Tire (front) Pirelli DIABLO 120 / 70-17
(Rear) Pirelli DIABLO 180 / 55-17
Drive chain EK 530 3D
Sprocket (front) 530-17T 15 mm offset for SUNSTAR ZZ - R 1100 C
(Rear) Zam 530-43T
Chain line Normal 86 mm → 17 mm offset to 103 mm
Other chain line supplement: 15 mm offset sprocket + 2 mm shim use total 17 mm
Screen A 2 Form
Sheet original processing
Clutch release NITRO RACING Hydraulic clutch KIT
Clutch Master Brembo Radial 16 x 18
Paint advanced
Other Original One-off Rear Fenderless & Tail Lamp Bracket
Intake / exhaust / cooling · electrical system
EX muffler NITRO RACING Mechanical bending titanium tail pipe angle change
Silencer NITRO RACING Straight titanium heat polish 420 mm V-I
Carburetor Keihin F - CR φ 35 Black body
Fuel cock PINGEL
Ignition system AS Wotani SP-II
Cooling system Earls 9 inches 13 steps
Other ZXR 750 genuine triple meter processing diversion (Water temperature gauge changed to fuel meter)
Original one off front turn signal stay (shaving off)
Bore / stroke 75 mm
Total displacement 1,166 cc

Crank core sewing machining
Minimum value after cylinder boring Surface grinding cylinder Liner Parfos M ​​treatment
Valve guide oversized valve guide Production / replacement
Valve seat sheet cutting processing
Minimum value cylinder head
Cylinder Stud SMB Chromori
Cylinder Head Nut SMB Chromori
Other piston WPC treatment

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