RCM A16 Tailored Restomod

KAWASAKI Z1, given name from the “Z” as the last and aftermost letter of the modern English alphabet and “1″ as the world’s best number,
The very first mass-produced vehicle that has a four-cylinder DOHC 900 cc engine dominate race world in a blink of an eye.

Z1 is also not only considered to be the fastest in the world but also known for its exquisite car body shape and the aesthetic aspect of engine that has been earning great support from motor cycle aficionado although the ages. Z1 had gained a reputation as one of a kind in a long sweep of motor cycle history.

In the Long-loved history of Z1, There has been so many kinds of aftermarket part being distributed and still new part has been developed nowadays. Body component that has been created by feedback of modern racing and peculiar Z1 part that has been progressed by trial and error, these advanced parts allow Z1, a forty-years-old body, to have a high performance that almost as close to the latest motor cycle.

The default that KAWASAKI Z1 has, which is usually equipped with 19 inch front wheel and 18 inch rear wheel.
The frame of Z1 is supposed to be designed based on having a large diameter wheel so that it will cause a lot of trouble because of off balance when switched to 17 inch front wheel that became mainstream and altered to a high-grip tire.

Our RCM original competitive frame, on the other hand, has its great design and structure for 17 inch wheel.
Compared to original Z1 frame, our compact chassis have 25mm shorter, 30mm lower head pipe and 10mm lowered swing arm pivot. Also compared to original Z1 frame, twin-spar-shaped double cradle frame has a drastic increase of stiffness.

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