BCK 23 Hooligan Tracker

There is already a moment, the dream of having a day for me a beautiful Milwaukee tracker had made its way.

In 2009, Breizh Coast Kustoms returned from Belgium with the engine of Fabs already kite 1200cc Wiseco.

"I had caught a frame on leboncoin to start the project but little chance at the time to make a seller product. people were waiting for the nice stiff bobber after the BCK 1 on base XS 650. the frame has therefore taken a knocker behind the ears and then, too ambitious for the time and my skills, the project remained at the bottom of the garage since.
Enter the invitation of Seb and Domice to exhibit my street trackers in Lyon at the beginning of this year. The atmosphere, my passion for ovals, the return of old sensations. I need my tracker !! At least to have a beautiful expo machine for a big event that I have been dreaming of visiting for a few years, Gary's famous Dirt Quake at King's Lynn."

"But why go there and realize my old dream of rolling myself?

Mid-March, so I put in pieces the old bobber and the adventure begins. The unicorn is taking shape already since the plans have been retouched and adjusted since ... 2010."

"And now that end, but I can finally put my ass in front of what achieves in my eyes the ultimate machine, my dream kid, the big fat tracker to his cushy, a war ball from a road frame with all small pieces that go well and the hand of these small workshops that supported the project and assisted me, each in their field, in the finish. She is there in front of me ... And we will take the track together in July."

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