BLUBBER Honda CX500 by Tonup Garage
Blubber is our new motorcycle based on a Honda CX500 and like some marine mammals need that extra energy, to swim, we all need an extra inspiration to achieve freedom in our lives.

 Blubber was, in fact, named after the special skin storing fat, that provides the energy to this sea animals. The analogy emerged by the different, efficient and essential character both Blubbers stand for (the fat layer and the bike).

We’ve built the metal front fairing to cover the headlight, cut and rebuild the rear subframe and adapt new footpegs. We’ve pierced the wheels and put some screws all around it. Fitted new exhausts pipes and paint them white. Built exhaust tubes with a new curved design around the engine and cover it with white exhaust wraps. The bike as new rear shocks and we also shortened the front suspension. This was particularly challenging as we had to rebuilt it with new specs both the inside and outside of the suspensions. We’ve fitted new vintage tires, new air filters, handlebar grips, LSL clip-ons, new headlight and taillight, new motogadget speedo, lithium battery,… All electrics were restored in a small box built in the frame to accommodate these parts and we’ve also replaced and upgrade some parts. We’ve built a grey leather seat exclusively for this bike. For those who love the sea, but also the rush of riding, this bike is the perfect combination for that extra daily inspiration

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