Sacha Lakic’s CX500

Honda CX500 GTS by Sacha Lakic 

Sacha Lakic is a designer who loves movement and speed, with a strong passion for future technologies.

 Lakic has carried out many ambitious projects including automotive design, furniture, architecture and product design, always being loyal to the comfort and enjoyment his designs provide the user.

"CX500 GTS (why GTS > for Georges + Thierry + Sacha)

To start off a good project, all you need sometimes is a bit of passion and a few cold beers...

My friends at George's Garage in Luxembourg had a good old CX500 from 1982 standing in one corner of their garage, and some spare special parts scattered on the shelves in the other.

For my part, I have always been a great fan of the motor of this machine, a magnificent 80° bi-cylinder V engine full of character and very aesthetic, that I have tried to highlight further by adding an Y-shaped exhaust manifold.
The other original and very successful piece is the tank. The design is quite modern and well proportioned, I have simply made it more dynamic by shifting the position forward some 10 degrees.

For the rest, I have applied the same recipe as for the Voxan Black Magic that I designed in 2004. The colour codes are quite similar with a dominant matt black, a touch of red and aluminium.
The overall design is minimalist and serves just one thing, to draw attention to the motor."

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