Silver Lake Harley-Davidson XRTT 750

Street 750 Special by Silver Lake  HARLEY-DAVIDSON  Location: Geel (Belgium)

The Battle of the Kings is a competition between the various Harley dealer in trying to change things to the new 750 Street and those of Silver Lake took up the challenge

Where did you get the inspiration?
Jimmy: “It took a grand total of 3 seconds for me to know what we were going to make. I just had to convince the mechanic, because technically it’s not so simple to build. But the process went even more smoothly than I expected. It’s a 70s Racer model. When I was just a little boy, all the older guys in the neighbourhood had this kind of motorcycle. To me this is pure youth sentiment.”

What did you change about the Street 750?

Joeri: “What is still original, you mean! We kept a piece of the frame and the engine. The bodywork, the rear suspension, the wheels and the steering wheel have completely been changed. The tank has now a capacity of 30 litres, so a lot more then before. The colours are the original racing colours of Harley, with which they raced in the 80s. The custom bike is an exact copy of the Harley-Davidson Racer of the 80s.”

How much manpower and hours were necessary to build this bike?

Jimmy: "We reached the limit in terms of hours: around 48 hours. And 90% of the bike is built by our very own custom king: Joeri Van Ouytsel.”

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