1979 MOTO GUZZI LEMANS Apollonia by Motoborgotaro

Bike is named afther the great italian actress Simonetta Stefanaelli form the movie "The Godfather part 2" 

This is not a custom bike as well as most of the fans like it but it is a successful mix of restoration work with a dose of mechanical improvements. so as not to upset the basic model but trying to better tailor those components outdated, so as to give the pleasure of driving safely but keeping the taste of vintage original bike.

Tech info:

1000cc, completely built motor
lighted & balanced flywheel, pistons, rods
dual plugged
ported heads
Raceco cam
lightened flywheel
Straight cut, close ratio gearbox, with shaved lower dogs for quick shifting- Specially prepared by Zydeco Racing
Lower frame rails deleted – and reinforced
Brembo radial master cylinder
Speigler brake lines
Custom YSS shocks
Ceramic Wheel & UJ Bearings
Special heavy weight slides- for quick throttle action
Velocity stacks
Factory LM1 Race exhaust
Agostini rear-sets
Agostini breather box
Moto gadget – M UNit, M button, Dash
Custom dash face - Designed by myself and Matias Corea – fabricated by Seattle Speedometer
M1R 41mm Forks
300mm Floating brembo disks
4 piston Brembo calipers
internal handlebar weights
Reinforced swingarm
Straight cut timing gears
LSL headlight ears
7in Bosch headlight – with PIAA bulb
Paint, & hand pinstriped spaced exactly like original Lemans 1

The process to prep the motor and trans as follows:

pressure wash
wash in mineral spirits
soap & water
air dry
clean w gas – inside & out
repeat twice
Finish w 0000 steel wool and oil – YES I REALLY DO THIS
When done correctly the finish is perfect and will last a very long time – as it is seasoned.

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