Moto Retro Wieze

Moto Retro Wieze is be dedicated to the Cafe Racers - the frame builders.

Old motor bikes,  yellow stained manuals, shiny head-lights? Enthusiastic collectors of old motorbikes and accessories. You can find it all at Moto Retro.

 Sell or exhange. Just for the fun, the excitement and the smell of nostalgia. Or are you looking for that one missing part. And perhaps you might want to buy the old motorbike you always dreamt of. Moto Retro is the place to be. Each year thousands visit the old motorbike jumble for its atmosphere and the encounters with the genuine die-hards. 

Photo by Paul Coene from Flickr


  1. I just found your website - by accident. Nice to see you chose some of my photos. More of my photos you can see here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/29850993@N02/albums

    Best regards, Paul Coene.


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