The New XJR1300 meets some Distinguished Gentlemen

The two-day international presentation of the new Yamaha XJR1300 in Sydney ended in the best way and naturally taking part in his first ride in style cafe racer.

We were there to complete in a perfect day that took us around Sydney

 With the great engine 4-cylinder air-cooled, for the Japanese is a motorcycle icon, is the perfect base for any changes and customizations style cafe racer.

Sydney when it comes to cafe racer means Sydney Cafe Racer, a very active group of fans to understand those who have created the Distinguished Gentlemen that meets every Thursday for the past work on their bikes, I must say that the level of preparations is very high, with cafe racer very interesting even on the basis of the small SR 400

But breaking the rules we went around the city along with other 70 bikes starting from the peninsula of La Perouse via the renowned Bondi Beach surf beach to end the traditional Harry Cafe De Wheels.

Running in the night in one of the most beautiful cities in the world along with all those bikes was really exciting

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