New Svako Garage bike is ready, Suzuki GSX 1200 Inazuma, call it simply Svakozuma.

The bad boys of Svako Garage have made another one of them.
They cambaito aimed at a peaceful clumsy Suzuki Inazuma 1200 and made it a bad bike with a soul as black as the black paint that envelops almost completely.

The big and bulky tank has given way to a new one that was created from a old BMW R32, duly modified to fit the frame.

To make it more streamlined instrumentation was partly hidden forever inside, stands the contackilometri Velona while the lights are really mini using an element Motogadget.

Front light sourced vintage automobile, a dumbbell from the fold higher and a long, flat saddle make the bike more comfortable.

The voice of the engine has no way to be heard by the Exhaust Mass which required modification to the carburetor with new air filters.
The spoked wheels are the conclusion of the work and come from a Yamaha XTX 660 and brake Brembo sistem.

Photo by Alessandro Castagna www.AlessandroCastagnafotografo  - Facebook Page  

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