Kohlenwerk GS Cross

Kohlenwerk.2-013 is the first off-road bike (enduro bike) based on a BMW K25 (R1200GS) - fully designed and manufactured with fiber composites in mind.

The area of use goes well beyond short day trips to long distance touring as well as offroad-rallies - even supermoto will be possible.

Wheel travel of 270mm to 300mm as well as a sleek and sporty silhouette similar to sports enduro bikes are realized with about 19ltr fuel in the main tank.

By the extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics for the frame, swingarm and paralever brace an overall weight of 185kg fully fueled in road trim condition is achieved.

Kohlenwerk - Designed and manufactured in Bavaria.

The idea is not new, just think of the wonderful BMW HP2 Enduro version, but this goes beyond designing a streamlined and using lighter materials. I believe that in expert hands can become a motorcycle fun and effective, thanks to the engine with plenty of torque and power significantly above the needs of off-road driving.


  1. It is absolutely brilliant. I hope to be starting my build soon.
    Do you have any information about what body parts you used?
    I would appreciate any information you have.
    Mike Ruger


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