KC#002 Triumph Daytona 1000

Triumph Daytona 1000 1994 KC#002

Continue always my research on special based on a Triumph T 300, those carburetors. This does not have a 3-cylinder engine, just like me but it is always one that interests me and is made by Kruz Company 

For this project we find our inspiration in the first speed records bike, and something really balled. The ride is crazy to ride, we really love here.

 Anything on this project have been build or recycled in the workshop, there's no expansive parts on the bike. - 

This project is inspired by the board track rides from the 20's who meet a modern warfighter.
- Kawazaki KZ 650 Tank
- Kawazaki KZ 650 seat midified.
- Home made front end
- home made front for tubing
- home made side plates
- home made rearframe
- Rims
- Modified swing arm
- Modified front calliper
- Delocalised temp gauge
- Modified rearset
- Modified electric
- Eshetic work on the engine
- Modified  mufflers

there was no money for this project so anything come from other bikes, recycled, builded, imagined, ..

this machine is absolutely crazy on the roads

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