I DRAW MOTOS is a tutorial sketchbook authored by motorcycle designer & builder David Mucci. This book is for anyone interested in drawing and design motorcycles; whether you’re planning out a custom build, dreaming up some rad future machine, or want to accurately draw your pride and joy sitting in the garage. 

 The book is front loaded with a ton of foundational information like handling dynamics, engine configurations, and chassis setup. From there it gets into step-by-step tutorials, perspective lessons, wheel drawing techniques and presentation fundamentals, paired with 100+ templates to sketch over.


- Brands, Design Schools, Analog & Digital Tools, Print & Web References
- Motorcycle Anatomy
- Powertrain Operation
- Common Engine Configurations
- Front Suspension Design
- Rear Suspension Design
- Trail
- Rake & Offset
- Wheelbase
- Center of Gravity
- Putting the Power Down

- Model Specific Geometry (Sport, Standard, Dirt, Cruiser, Landspeed, Chopper)
- Step-By-Step Side View Tutorials (All Models)
- Wheel Drawing Tutorial (Spoked & Mag)
- Underlay Practice Pages (All Models)

Drawing In Perspective
- Step-By-Step Telephoto Perspective Tutorial (All Models)
- Perspective Wheel Drawing Tutorial
- Underlay practice pages (All Models)
- Intermediate Perspective Tutorial (Front & Rear Views)
- Advanced Perspective Tutorial (Multiple Views)
- Underlay Practice Pages (All Views)

Layout Fundamentals
- A guide on presenting your design and process
- Underlay Practice Pages

Moto Mucci 


  1. Bella come idea.. chissà se verrà commercializzato anche in Italia...

    1. No solo on line seguendo il link alla fine dell'articolo


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