Crossroads Show | A call for riders

Are you an enthusiastic and motivated motorcycle rider with a unique story that could feature in our Crossroads TV production?

Crossroads is a motorcycling documentary series like no other. It’s not about celebrities and it’s not scripted. And it’s definitely not a reality TV show. It’s about is you. We’re looking for real riders from across the globe and their own amazing stories and roads. To make the show the best it can be we’ve created this, a global casting call so that anyone, anywhere in the world can get in touch and tell us their story.

Cameron Elkins, the multi-award-winning Director behind YouTube’s Stories of Bike and Roads We Ride series, Andrew Jones, the driving force behind the popular motorcycle blog Pipeburn.com, and 20-year commercial TV producer Adam Marks have today officially announced that they will be producing a new 6-part motorcycling TV show to be aired globally in 2020.
Titled ‘Crossroads’, the show has been two years in the making and promises to be, ‘a love letter to motorcycling,’ that celebrates the world’s best motorcycling stories and rides. To be shot across the globe from Norway, South Africa and Australia to Japan and beyond, Elkins says that the show will be a documentary series like no other.

‘The last piece of moto TV that really captivated us riders was Ewan McGregor’s ‘Long Way Round,’ says Jones. ‘It may sound ambitious, but we’re aiming to create something bike-related that will make a similar impact on the world’s audiences. It’s been 20 years and we feel it’s well and truly overdue’.
‘It’s a pretty simple idea; it’s just fun bikes, great roads and engaging stories,’ he notes.
Featuring 13 roads across five continents, the series will contain Elkins’ trademark human stories - something that he’s become known for over the past 5 years. ‘Deep down, what drives all great content is great stories and connectivity. And in today’s political climate, I think we could all use a little reminder that we all have more in common than our differences’.

‘Forget what you think you know about motorcycling TV. This will be different to anything that has come before it. We aim to inspire and energise the global motorcycle scene so that non-riders are become new riders and old riders will become motivated to ride even more than before’.
Surprised by the lack of long-form moto content available during the recent ‘Peak TV’ years, the series is targeted at current riders, but has been developed to appeal to a much wider audience.

‘They’ll come for the bikes, but the show will be so much more than that,’ says Marks. ‘For all thegreat bikes and roads, it’s also going to be part travelogue and partly an exploration some amazing personal stories. So Crossroads will draw in a much wider audience than just bikers’.
The team is currently in final negotiations with broadcasters and sponsors, with a plan to commence shooting in November 2019 for a release in August, 2020.

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Cross Roads Show

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