Bimota Spirit Museum

For over 40 years, Bimota has designed emotions. The news of its rebirth is learned by the enthusiasts with great joy, but there is someone who has never stopped loving this brand to the point of creating a museum dedicated to these splendid motorcycles.

Bimota Spirit is dedicated to collecting and preserving these "emotions,"—to be one of the stewards of the "spirit" of the company that built "no-compromise motorcycles for enthusiasts who wanted nothing less than the best!"...

The Bimota Spirit Museum represents the Bimota Story from the early days of prototypes and grand prix racing to the most current Bimota motorcycles offered today. It is organized chronologically from the 1970s through the present - with special sections highlighting Bimota's racing successes and the Tesi program including Vyrus.

Bimota Spirit is the exclusive representative of Bimota in the USA and we offer new Bimota motorcycles as well as service and repair parts from our local inventory and our network of suppliers around the globe.  We also have a significant inventory of modern and classic Bimota motorcycles for sale to existing (and former) Bimota owners, as well as to new enthusiasts looking to share our passion for the brand.

There is an obvious correlation between Bimota and our other motorcycle passion - Vyrus Motorcycles.  Vyrus produces the most finely crafted works of motorcycle art that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  

Vyrus has consistently evolved the hub-steering concept that Bimota pioneered with the Tesi 1D and offers a range of exclusive, hand-built models.  Bimota Spirit is the USA representative for Vyrus and we have examples of all of their current products in stock - the 984 (Ducati 2-valve), 986 (Moto2 GP spec with Honda CB600RR) and 987 (Ducati 1198 4-valve.)

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