Exclusive luxury, showing the identity of Zeus Custom, which we emphasize on every detail. 

Starting from skating, sketch design on paper Fine tuning until the most perfect face and forwarded to Royal Enfield, England, to make proof as soon as we receive a confirmation they started the work immediately because there were only 45 days of work time before the first launch at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2019. 

They started from connecting the original tank of the Interceptor 650 to the Cafe Racer style. Zeus Custom's rounded, simple, sleek look with a small tail light, minimal gives the feeling of a clean end. They choose to have a sleek black tone contrasting with the golden bronze lines running from the body to the end. Giving a sleek classic and bring the eyes to feel the body and end as one black leather seats that are designed to look slim. 

Cut with 2 layers of black leather, walk the black thread to add more dimension to the car. Logo on the side of the Zeus Custom Intercepter tank, silver color, which is designed and placed in a perfect position, to perfectly match the gold bronze trim and more importantly, the identity of the Royal Enfield, we put it in a small position to get it to the end. 

Cut out the spring front axle To lower the page height add firmness to the overall body Stainless steel handlebar grips are brought to this project to give a more classic look with a set of aluminum switches.

Turn signal light, Motogadget, silver color, cut with black hand grip Giving a classic premium to the touch The headlights were scaled down from the original to 5.5 inches. Align the Miles Motogadget Vintage into the classic. 

Luxury with the car perfectly The battery has been moved and created to be hidden in the box. The original filter has been removed to clear the area under the seat. See Clean, show, filter, stainless steel, black, give a fierce.

See the full acceleration Powder Coaster Hub, black wire spokes with classic rubber of the 60s like Firestone Deluxe Champion 18, and in order to get a sitting position with Cafe Racer style, the foot rest gear is therefore arranged in this car. 

As well, with aluminum trimmed with a black frame, placed in the right position Classic rear shock absorber, 340mm length, in order to get the back of the frame in parallel with the floor perfectly. 

The rear turn lights that we still maintain the simplicity with a small Pin Motogadget but give more brightness. The most important item that has been created for this 650 Interceptor can be found in a unique and simple concept. Simple and clean. 

We walked the pipe into the 2 in 2 side frame, adding a 1.5 inch brass tip to the stainless steel pipe. Side brush The classic premium is the best. Ended with the signature of Sususkott, the Thai composer, with a brass plate. Which is installed in the middle of the car above, and this is the only Prime Project of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 in the Zeus Custom 

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