The inspiration always from the past and from our experience, every action, every idea has its roots in the history of our experiences and emotions, and even this lead designer does not miss the lead designer of Blacktrack Motors, Sacha Lakic, in fact when he was young he was enchanted every time he he saw a Harley XLCR in the streets of Paris

 Blacktrack presents their most boldest project: the Blacktrack BT-03. Built around a monstrous Harley-Davidson power plant, the BT-03 is a modern racer for coffee with low weight, easy handling and quality components.


With the BT-03, our founder and lead designer, Sacha Lakic, continues the fine tradition of looking to the past for inspiration. “The inception of the BT-03 style study came from a bike that marked my childhood,” he explains. “The Harley-Davidson XLCR.”

“Produced between 1977 and 1979, it was the only café racer in the history of Harley-Davidson, with only 3 133 units made. I was spellbound every time I saw one on the streets of Paris.”

The BT-03 isn't an exact replica of the XLCR. Instead, it simply seeks to capture the XLCR's design ethos. You'll notice hints of the XLCR's DNA in the BT-03's angular and elongated fuel tank and tail section, nose fairing and classic seven-spoke wheels.

The BT-03 isn't an exact replica of the XLCR. Instead, it simply seeks to capture the XLCR's design ethos. You'll notice hints of the XLCR's DNA in the BT-03's angular and elongated fuel tank and tail section, nose fairing and classic seven-spoke wheels. 
Similarities aside, the BT-03's overall aesthetic is contemporary and fluid. It cuts a sharp line, with a stance and proportions that give it an unmistakable race vibe. This is further emphasised by the solo seat and radically committed ergonomics. The BT-03 is a pure café racer—designed and optimised for maximum riding pleasure. 

Base Model 
Blacktrack Motors picked the new Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Bob 114 as the base motorcycle for the BT-03. Equipped with H-D's 114 ci (1 868 cc) Milwaukee-Eight power plant, it produces 155 Nm of torque in stock form, packaged in a stiff and responsive chassis.  
“The moment I saw the Fat Bob, I realised that this was the ideal platform,” says Lakic. “The Fat Bob is the most exciting Harley Series to ride. The wheelbase is certainly a bit long, but the geometry is well thought out, and allows you to roll turns faster than any other Harley so far.” 
There's not much left of the original Fat Bob though. Blacktrack kept only the

Technical Changes and Upgrades 
The BT-03 features a number of bespoke aluminium and composite parts. These have been designed to not only look good, but to significantly reduce weight too—ultimately improving handling and acceleration. 
Each and every aluminium part is designed in the Blacktrack Motors studio, before being CNCmachined by a trusted technical partner. Most crucial is the rear frame assembly—which acts as an interface between the Fat Bob's original frame and the BT-03's custom bodywork. Other parts include the upper and lower triple trees, rear set foot controls and front fender brackets.  
Composite parts include the front fairing, front fender, fuel tank, tail section and a cover plate for the rear shock absorber. The seat features premium leather upholstery, and the fairing's adorned with a low profile red windshield. 
The Fat Bob's main frame and geometry remain unchanged. But the running gear has been upgraded with Öhlins suspension, Dymag forged aluminium wheels, and Beringer brakes. Blacktrack Motors have also installed a performance air filter and a custom-built stainless steel exhaust system, with a new fuel mapping to match.

Weight Saving 
Replacing bulky OEM parts with Blacktrack items, has resulted in a 40 percent weight saving on parts alone. The complete rear assembly weighs a mere 8.5 kg (5.5 kg lighter than stock), while the front end totals 27 kg (18.5 kg lighter than stock). In addition, the BT-03's changes reduce the Fat Bob's unsprung mass by 13 kg. 
That brings the BT-03's dry weight to 248 kg—a huge improvement over the original bike's 296 kg. The result is a custom build with an excellent power to weight ratio, and dynamic handling

Spec Sheet 
Base model: Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Bob 114 
Motor: Milwaukee-Eight 114 ci / 1 868 cc 
Power: 105 hp 
Torque: 163 Nm 
Main frame: Harley-Davidson Softail, original 
Rear subframe: Blacktrack 
Motors Triple clamps: Blacktrack Motors 

Front suspension: Öhlins FG424 
Rear suspension: Öhlins HD 501 
Front wheel: Dymag UP7X 17x3.50” custom forged aluminium 
Rear wheel: Dymag UP7X 17x6.00” custom forged aluminium 
Front tyre: Michelin Power RS 120/70ZR17 Rear tyre: Michelin Power RS 190/50ZR17 
Front brake calipers: Beringer Aerotec Radial 4-piston 
Front brake discs: Beringer Aeronal 320 mm 
Rear brake caliper: Beringer Aerotec Axial 4-piston 
Rear brake disc: Beringer Aeronal 290 mm 
Front fairing: Blacktrack Motors 
Front fender: Blacktrack Motors 

Fuel tank: Blacktrack Motors, 14l capacity 
Tail section: Blacktrack Motors 
Seat: Blacktrack Motors, with genuine leather cover 
Handlebars: ABM MultiClip Sport 1" 
Controls: Beringer levers and master cylinders 
Switches: OEM Grips: Rizoma URLO Black 
Speedometer: OEM 
Headlight: Highsider Type-6 
Tail light: Highsider Organic 
Foot controls: Blacktrack Motors 
Air filter: Harley Davidson Extreme Flow 
Exhaust headers: Blacktrack Motors twin stainless steel system 
Exhaust mufflers: Jekill & Hyde Shorty 
Dry Weight: 248 kg 
Lean angle: 36° left and right 

Acquiring a BT-03 
The Blacktrack Motors BT-03 is now available on special order, with a manufacturing time of one year. True to Blacktrack's philosophy of creating limited edition motorcycles, only four BT-03's will be produced. Each will be unique, and can be adapted to the customer's personal tastes (within preset parameters). 
Exclusive design, quality and rarity are Blacktrack's hallmarks. Like the BT-01 and BT-02 before it, the BT-03 is designed to run efficiently and reliably, with high levels of performance and safety. It will undoubtedly become a collector's item. 

For further information, please contact: Niharika Sharma Brand Manager 
Email: contact@blacktrackmotors.com

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  1. This is a cool custom! Looks like excellent build quality. BUT...Y’all do realize that Buell already did this?! And H-D scrapped them. H-D has never been able to get their head around the future of motorcycling. They just keep making baggers with giant farings with speakers in them so my fellow American D-bags can tear ass down my street being obnoxious while never learning how to actually ride. So...Good on ya for making something fun out of an H-D. As a Buell owner, I appreciate your vision.


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