Back to the Future | Elf E

Elf-E is a machine that ran Suzuka 8 resistance in 1983.
The engine is on the CB 900 F based RS 1000 and the exhaust maneuvering is running on the engine.

In other words, there is a muffler in the part visible in the tank.
So, the fuel tank was under the frame and was set for low center of gravity,
It seems that it was a problematic mechanism, such as gradually decreasing fuel and installation of a fuel pump.
Also, the front and rear suspension is a special cantilever, and it is a machine full of fresh surprises even now.
HONDA which was impressed by the tank installation mechanism under this engine was adopted for NSR 500 in 1984.
I also want to shoot the state of the strip when there is a chance.

Photo by Shinobu Matsukawa

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