BMW R-Series

Started as an BMW R100/7 in good condition with only 23k logged miles. 

Brand new Paint job with BMW factory "Citrin Black" Paint. This paint is an option on the newer BMW M series cars and looks awesome in the sunlight, to go along with I had two new Factory BMW emblems put on the tank. 

This bike is a cool example of a bmw cafe racer for many reasons but one is that it has lots of period Cafe Parts. From what I can find they were manufactured by a company called San Jose BMW in the 70s and 80s (I could be wrong about where parts came from). These parts include a very nice billet upper triple clamp, a re-inforced and braced swingarm, and a front fork brace. 

The seat was made 100% from scratch.  This started with modifying the rear subframe by shortening it about 5'' and making in narrower by about 2-3''. Then a Hand laid fiberglass pan was formed over the modified subframe, which was trimmed to spec, a Steel  mounting post added, and sent off to an awesome upholsterer here in Reno who hand made the rest with motorcycle specific seat foam and a stitched vinyl cover. This seat weighs a tremendous amount less than the factory seats.  This seat uses the factory seat lock for mounting.

In order to maintain the nice vintage look the rear fender had to be modified to fit the new rear subframe, it was shortened, and re-fiberglassed, sanded filled and primed to look like new again.

The headlight is the factory bosch 8'' headlight, with a yellow tint added for the old school appeal, if the buyer does not like it, I have another Bosch headlight in good condition I can swap out.

New Citrin Black paint
Dual Disc Front end with rebuilt calipers and new pads, and of course a fluid flush.
Front Cafe Half fairing with handmade fairing stay for this model.
Windscreen was custom molded to get the low slung look. (Not ugly and bubbly looking like you will see many)
Speedo mounts to stock mounting points but the mount had to be modified to give it a lower line.
Clip on handlebars
Bar end mirrors (not pictured will go to buyer)
Yellow Tinted Bosch 8" headlight with h4 bulb
BMW oil cooler
Dynatek Electronic Ignition
Front fender Brace
Billet upper Triple clamp
Braced rear swingarm
Hand made Cafe style seat (Thinner and shorter than stock)
Shortened Sub frame to accommodate smaller and lighter seat
Shortened rear fender to accommodate rear sub frame
Serviced Wheel bearings
LED lights in Speedo and tach
New NGK plug caps and plug leads
Custom Vintage style LED tail light
New Driven 7/8 grips
New Footpeg rubbers
New Spark plugs
Engine oil changed
Engine oil filter Changed
Transmission fluid changed
Swingarm fluid changed
Final Drive Fluid changed
All four wheel bearings greased
Final drived lubed
Carbs were put in an ultrasonic cleaner and gone through.
New throttle cables were installed
Carburetors were balanced
New clutch cable


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