Daytona R80 XTR

BMW R80 A joint venture between XTR PEPO and MAX BOXER

Technical Schedule

-Donnor bike : BMW.
-Modified  BMW R80 ST frame with reinforced tubes.
– R850R “Guardia Civil “Monolever  swing arm.
-R850R  spoked rear wheel (17 inches).
-Ducati  Monster  yokes.
-Ducati Sport Classic fork.
-Tomaselli clip ons.
-Ducati Sport Classic spoked front wheel ( 17 inches).
-Ducati Monster 900  rotors.
-Ducati Sport Classic Discacciati calipers kit.
-Ducati Monster 900  brake pump.
-RAD , foldable and adjustabble  cnc machined levers.
-Tomaselli quick open gas throtle.
-Suzuki GSXR 600, clutch lever.
-Carbon Fiber  XTR front mudguard.
-XTR front fairing.
-XTR Custom made front bracket.
-Modified MOTO GUZZI  fuel tank.
-Modified Yamaha TZ solo seat.
-Modified Derbi GPR 50  footlevers support.
-Tarrozi foot levers.
-SuperMario 2 in 1 exhaust system.
-XTR PEPO  Megaphone.
-Dell’Orto PHM 40 carburetors.
-XTR Potax aluminium  airintakes.
-R100 MaxBOXER Powered Engine:
-Crankcase reduced to minimum.
-Upper  positioned on frame for more  ground clearance, lightened, blueprinted, adjusted,
-Head cylinders  worked and gasflowed heads with bigger intakes, big valves,
-Head cylinder cover with rapid oil filling hole
-Hi comp and light pistons,
-Racing light clutch,
-Oil pan intermediate crankcase, external oil filter
-Ducati Paso oil radiator with external hoses
-Revised and updated gearbox with racing adjustments
-Electrics : Racing wire, LIPO battery, Silent Hetkit  electronic front crankshaft ignition  with 16 mappings, electronic regulator

-Pictures: By  PHOTOPCM

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