XJ 550 by Classic Way

Yamaha XJ 550 by Classic Way 

The Classic Way began in 2013 in Portugal , after the development of a transformation from a Yamaha Virago 535. After this project, I believed that my work had not been anything great or as close as a model that inspired me from the Hageman Motorcycles. The initial idea was to stay with the bike to wander through my city and spread some charm, the processing business as little'd passed before through my head. I always Truly like bikes, not looking for anything other than driving beautiful and classic bikes.

The truth is that in my first ride in my beautiful city of Guimarães, and the 2nd traffic light where I had to slow down, I was stopped by a fan who immediately made me an offer as absurd as impossible to decline it. If this person had not the cash in his pocket at that moment to show me, I would never believe that the ride could be worth so much money. I let my baby go. Without any shame, because besides the financial compensation, there was a click that made me look at the bikes as well as a business.

I realized immediately that I was able to do better. I began an extensive research and after two days I had in my garage one CB750 and a Honda CX 500. It was time to get to work, throughout the night as during the day was impossible. Heat? Cold? Noise? No! My mother! That's it. I Always loved bikes but I kept that dream away from me many years because my father died in a motorcycle accident when was a child, and when I spoke it at home my mother lost years of life.

Thus I realized that this passion would have to start clandestinely so that the dream would not die.

That time I was working as a salesman in a ready to wear store! Suit and tie every day, something that did not identify me, and I ended up having to leave because I was not sleeping too much. Working directly after been disassembling and cleaning piece by piece the bikes was extremely exhausting. In my country it is said that Fortune favors the clever ones, and it was then that suddenly appeared a support from a friend who I consider a brother, those who always seems to be there, without any connection to motorcycles, who respected my dream and believed in my idea and dedication. He basically worked as a financial support in this early project. Suddenly we had enough money to kick-start the transformation of two motorcycles! They were completed within 2 months, sold in less than 15 days! Not bad, we were in the right path!

However, I believe that the biggest step we have taken with a view to a qualitative leap and sale of our services was when Andre - that friend remember? - came up with a BMW K75 ready to transform. We had seen the bike on the Internet, I should say I loved it but found it expensive. Not 48 hours later it was the bike in my garage. "I do not know how to ride, go for a walk there and say anything," he told me! I returned home trembling, had no idea what was at hand. Fantastic performance and a devastating noise ... German Power !!!

Many sleepless nights later, the final work and the first motorcycle publication for sale on our Facebook page had an awesome feedback! comments just keep coming and proposals by motorcycle also (BMW sold within a week) ... our software tool began that day to be the basis for the promotion of all our work. Since then, serves the page Classic Way to proposals for our bikes and proposals for complete customer transformations that deliver the raw bikes to the root work. Financial leverage enabled us to get more bikes indoors, and since that day, we delivered over 10 bikes for customers.

Our projects continue at this point with a Yamaha XJ 550 (see photo) and a Virago 750 Yamaha XJ 550 was inspired by the Husqvarna 400 Cross 1970 from Steve Mcqueen, motorcycle equipped with a short box and high speed makes this a bike the most fun bikes drive so far. Once these two are sold, we will start 3 more new projects immediately: Kawasaki 550, Honda CX 500 and a BMW R80 RS.

photography Credits to Nelson Dias

Photography Model Credits to Alexandra Batista

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