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This motorcycle may be the result of one of the designers of the large Swedish company, but I think it's hard to widen their market also to motor vehicles. 

Seriously this work is the study of the interplay between Joe Velluto , and the workshop NorthEastCustom
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 JVLT 014 MOTORBIKE is neither only a motorcycle nor just a piece of furniture.
It’s the result from the collaboration between Joe Velluto studio and a custom workshop, that synergetically let two different worlds meet and weave together.

Actually, these two hemispheres are not so far as we think, if we are talking about NorthEastCustom.
NorthEastCustom is a Padova based reality led by two brothers: Diego, designer, and Riccardo, mechanic. This twofold soul at the head of what is not only a workshop, but also a place of dreams and passions, let these two brothers approach to the world of custom in a peculiar way, more similar to the design one.
Every project is characterized by the endless research of shapes and neatness, in order to discover the heart of the motorcycle, realising and highlighting its inner features and creating, in this way, a new and unique product every time.

Therefore, when they met Joe Velluto, the birth of JVLT014 came out as something natural. JVLT014 portrays the exaggeration of the NorthEastCustom approach and philosophy and celebrates the union between these two different worlds and their souls: production and personalization.
In this project, product design for mass production meets the uniqueness of custom. An object, normally produced on a large scale, is taken to pieces. All its parts are analyzed and reinterpreted and finally put together again in a new and unique way.
As it often happens in the design world, we are then talking about deconstruction, decontextualisation and recontextualitation; and this concept is also the reason why we decided to bring an object like a motorcycle to the Milan Design Week.
The inspiration comes from the world of furniture in order to create a new piece of design that keeps in its immobility, its essence of mobility.
Since the custom technique usually searches for the roots of the object considered, we decided to look to the world of furniture decomposing it and getting to its archetypes.
All the pieces of the motorcycle are then reinvented and corrupted with new elements coming from the house world. The front light is inspired by the old classic table lamps, the tank is thought as liquid container and is made by glass and cork, the seat is composed by slumped wood and felt, the abacus, in the end, is the counting archetype and takes place of the odometer.
As concerns the technical aspect, the rear double sunspensions were replaced by a unique damper, the frame was rebuilt and the front forks were lowered. Everything was simplified and also the brake system was modified keeping only the rear one.
Regarding the choice of materials, they are all very different from the ones which normally are used in the construction of a motorcycle. Wood, glass, cork, felt and leather take place of metal and plastic. Everything becomes sheerer, less industrial and with an artisan taste.
As a matter of facts, all these materials were used considering their inner proprieties. Carpenter Daniel Scarmin, as instance, used a gluing technique to create the motorcycle fairing; whereas the glass tank was blown by master glazier Massimo Lunardon.
All the colors eventually, were stolen by the world of furniture using opaque nuances.
JVLT014 makes an object like a motorcycle, that normally represents freedom and energy, become a design piece that, exasperating the vision of custom, highlights its new aesthetics.

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