BMW R80/7

The recipe is always the same, take a bike, even the most peaceful and sedentary, stripped of the superfluous and lighter than what you do not need and assemble what you need and who can better tailor the line and gratify the view.
Improve what you can do to have fun driving and you're done
And this is what these guys have done in France, with a BMW R 80/7 Gendarmerie, perhaps the least suitable base to the birth of a motorcycle who certainly do not think lla ago legality and respect of the rules

Recovered with all its fairings and accessories, a lot of work simplification was necessary to highlight the sporting aspect sommeillai in plastics. 

A job that would not have been complete without a new front fork, providing a powerful braking and ideal behavior for experience curves in the nose bubble. 

All punctuated as usual exemplary finish, through a superb engraving (thank you care Stick your cycle) and original details like a taillight as a piston. 

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