Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks

Inspired by the words of the Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci, Gustavo Penna started to lavorarare on the Ducati 749. He is a huge fan of Ducati, and when not engaged in his work as a cinematographer who shoots car commercials in Los Angeles is dedicated to his passion.
Gustavo calls his Ducati 749 “Francesca,”

"Apogee Motorworks is My bike tuning company when I'm not shooting commercials. ; ) i build one of these motorcycles before and I sold it to a Russian Millionaire the has it  on his house and loves to ride it on the track.. Right now I'm building two more one for the president of Azerbaijan and one for the CEO of Audi of North America. The bikes are built meticulously here in between my garage and my loft in Los Angeles, while I listen to Mozart, Vivaldi  or  Bach.  I don't change the motorcycles geometry which gives you  the warranty that it will never  affect any of the performance of this greatly designed motorcycle. I replace everything on the motorcycle, the wiring harness the springs, for titanium springs, for the  New whole motorcycle to be lighter. I need roughly 1500 hours maybe more  to finish a motorcycle.

And I can make them custom to order with your preferences the approximate price each of this special  Ducatis is  around 25 to $40,000 depending on the Donnie donor bike and any changes you want to do  to it extra. But this includes a brand-new re worked engine everything gets  redone it's like having a Ducati 999 or 749 with Zero kilometers. And as you know the Ducati 999 749 is the best Italian superbike ever designed by Pierre Terblanche. Pierre  also designed the Ducati  the sports classic, the paul smart the 900MHE. And now is the head of the design of Confederate motorcycles."

Gustavo thank you for sharing your photos so as to give you the opportunity to observe his Ducati "Francesca"
If you like his work and want to contact for further information visit his website

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