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Massimiliano Vanoni has built a reputation as a trusted and meticulous mechanic, working in renowned London workshops and attracting attention with his flat-track designs.
His attention to detail has made him a pivotal member of the Death Machines Of London team and award-winning classic bicycle restoration projects.

The Olimpia100 is based on a Ducati Scrambler 800 and is also the evolution of the F *** TRK the bike that was built last year for Max, customer and friend. For the 2021 season, the F *** TRK bike has undergone substantial changes and modifications, so much so that the need for a new name is felt. So, to celebrate Max's grandmother, Olimpia, who turned 100 in 2021, the bike is named Olimpia100 in honor of him.

Overall, the bike satisfied the pilot and builder, running optimally well last year, so the focus was on building and finishing a few details derived from the production bike, especially the chassis and bodywork.

Custom CNC upper and lower forks have been paired with a revamped DLC-coated R6 forks and an Ohlins unit in the rear. The composite bodywork hides an aluminum fuel cell and the repositioning of all components. The ABS system and a number of excess parts have been removed, dropping 20+ Kg compared to the standard bike. The swingarm has been modified to accommodate 19 "wheels and a different rear caliper. The engine is largely standard with a modified airbox, optimized ECU mapping, full Zard exhaust system and an in-house developed hydraulic clutch.

The swingarm is now a braced Cr-Mos unit built over the standard modified cast aluminum part. This allows the bike to have a wider range of configuration options. Also new is the rear brake assembly with floating caliper and 270mm solid disc, both designed in-house at CAD. Other minor changes include an adjustable handlebar clamp articulation system with RK bars and an extra couple of kilograms from accessories.

The bodywork is Max's signature single-unit design, but the sides of the tank and seat are much thinner and sleeker than the 2020 bike. This meant reorganizing much of the electrical system and fuel delivery system. 

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